Construction Defects

TAMPALAW has litigated a number of cases throughout Florida alleging construction, design, and engineering defects. We have been retained to represent various parties including owners, contractors, subcontractors, insurance companies, and others.

The firm also has extensive experience in navigating through the complexities of Florida Statute ยง558 and the pre-litigation and notice provisions contained within that statute.

The construction industry is constantly evolving and so are the applicable legal and technical issues relating to those practice areas. By taking some proactive steps, you may alleviate future uncertainty. Contract review and litigation avoidance can often be a key factor in determining the success and ultimate profitability of a construction project. We take steps to work with our clients in order to evaluate their goals and expectations for their project, and we believe that this provides a more suitable environment to identify possible pitfalls and ensure a well thought out plan of representation. In the end, TAMPALAW believes that knowing where you want to go will allow for us to provide multiple options on how to get there.

Whether your case involves contract disputes, withholding or retainage of payments, collections, failure to complete, liquidated damages, lien issues or construction defects we will provide aggressive representation to assist you in getting to a resolution.

The attorneys at the Law Office of Thamir A.R. Kaddouri, Jr. P.A. handle the defense and prosecution of cases which often include allegations relating to failure to build according to the plans and specifications, design defects and construction deficiencies. Fraud and misrepresentation, as well as mismanagement of construction funds, are becoming more prevalent in cases. We are cognizant of the high costs associated with this type of litigation and make every effort to ensure we utilize mechanisms, including electronic scanning and document indexing systems, which can result in significant cost savings in most litigation cases.