Commercial & Business Litigation

TAMPALAW has represented clients in varying types of commercial and business disputes involving cases with single and multi party claims. Some of these types of claims can include shareholders' disputes, construction and engineering contract disputes, intellectual property claims, landlord and tenant disputes, commercial torts, contract disputes, fraud claims, unfair business practices, and conversion.

Commercial litigation matters can often be time intensive in nature. The Law Office of Thamir A.R. Kaddouri, Jr. P.A. recognizes that the extent of legal fees and costs incurred are often a valid concern for our clients. In order to better serve our clients, we take affirmative steps to help keep litigation costs to a minimum.

First, we provide our clients with attorneys who are familiar with the litigation forum and the applicable rules that apply. Second, our attorneys make every effort to utilize experts and consultants who have specific knowledge in a defined specialty or practice area and who can enable us to better promulgate the client's position in the case. Third, this firm is very cognizant of our client's interests in obtaining a prompt and efficient resolution of the case. We make every effort to streamline discovery and aggressively pursue our client's position. Fourth, we recognize that our clients have real expectations which often include a considerable emphasis on being results-oriented. Therefore, we work with the client to develop a plan of action and ensure that they are apprised on all aspects of the litigation including an early assessment of their obligations and legal rights under Florida law. Moreover, we recognize that often times legal disputes can be resolved prior to a lawsuit being filed, or shortly thereafter, which can significantly reduce the legal expenses associated with an active litigation matter. Therefore, we work with our clients to advise them of pre-suit resolution options as early as possible and assist them in negotiating the specific terms of any potential settlement.

This area of practice often provides for alternative dispute resolution (ADR) provisions, and TAMPALAW has experience litigating in arbitration and/or mediation forums. We will discuss potential ADR alternatives and evaluate what forum will provide the client with the best possible outcome.